Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) or commonly referred to as Fiberglas is a product consisting of resin, fiberglass reinforcement and additives (additives) that are combined and made so that performance can be adjusted, as needed. FRP is widely used both for household furniture and large industries, to Fiber Water Tanks.

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We as a fabrication product made from fiberglass, located in Tangerang. We are also ready to become a supplier of fiberglass products with various partners, be it government agencies, education, companies, and others.

Following our products:
1. Septick Tank
2. Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
3. Water Tank Panel (WTP) / Roof Tank Panel (RTP)
4. Trash Can
5. Grease Trap
6. Gutter
Fiberglass Tangerang "PT Jaya Sangiang Tunggal"
Fiberglass roof is a transparent roof made of fiber or plastic fiber that is very strong. The best solution for natural lighting in the room naturally